Conservation and restoration of Katangan copper flora

Visit the eFlora of katangan copper plant species
The Katanga Copperbelt: insular ecosystems
Hills with endemic species
Faroa malaissei on rocky outcrops
A fire-adapted flora
32 strict endemic species live on the copper hills
The Katanga Copperbelt: insular ecosystems

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This website is intended as a place of exchange for scientists and mine managers interested in the conservation, the restoration and the taxonomy of the copper-cobalt flora.


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Shrub_sur_RSC_eco_fgm_ph1  -1441026930.jpg Shrub_sur_RSC_eco_fgm_ph1  -1441026913.jpg cfJusticiaelegantula  -1401962581.jpg Lamiaceaesp.4  -1401962297.jpg Asteraceaepoilue  -1401806042.jpg Asteraceaesp.8  -1401806021.jpg Helichrysum lejolyanum Lisowski-1401802875.jpg Diheteropogoncf.amplectens(Nees)Clayton  -1401802707.jpg