Conservation and restoration of Katangan copper flora

2018 Copperflora Workshop - Towards a regional concern for the Copperbelt Grasslands
Visit the eFlora of katangan copper plant species
The Katanga Copperbelt: insular ecosystems
Hills with endemic species
Faroa malaissei on rocky outcrops
A fire-adapted flora
32 strict endemic species live on the copper hills
The Katanga Copperbelt: insular ecosystems

2018 Regional CopperFlora Workshop

In August 2017, the biodiversity team of Tenke Fungurume Mining and the Biodiversity and landscape unit of Gembloux Agro Bio Tech launched the process for a regional concern about CopperFlora. Workshop is coming.


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Acalypha cupricola Robyns ex G.A.Levin -1511525178.jpg Shrub_sur_RSC_eco_fgm_ph1  -1441026930.jpg Shrub_sur_RSC_eco_fgm_ph1  -1441026913.jpg cfJusticiaelegantula  -1401962581.jpg Lamiaceaesp.4  -1401962297.jpg Asteraceaepoilue  -1401806042.jpg Asteraceaesp.8  -1401806021.jpg Helichrysum lejolyanum Lisowski-1401802875.jpg